Explore the Servos

  1. Warning: Do not turn the Servos by hand. Doing so can damage mechanisms inside the Servos.
  2. Refer to the video and notice how the movements of these two Servos differ.

STEM Connections

Try New Things

  1. Change the Blink code so that the LED blinks so fast that you cannot see it blinking. How many blinks per second can your eyes register?
  2. Change the Blink code so that the LED blinks “SOS” in Morse code. SOS is the international symbol for help. The SOS pattern is three short blinks followed by three longer blinks followed by three short blinks.

Upload and Test the Code

  1. Press the upload button to upload your revised Blink program to the Arduino board.
  2. Notice the LED is blinking faster.

STEM Connections

When you change the Blink code, you need to press the upload button in the Arduino software for it to translate that revised code into a new program and send that program to the Arduino board. Any changes to the code need to be uploaded to the Arduino board. Every time the upload button is pressed it translates the code in the computer window into a program again and sends that program to the Arduino board.

Explore the Comments in the Code

  1. Find comments in the code by looking for text in gray.
  2. Read the text in the comments.

STEM Connections

Comments are for the benefit of computer programmers (the humans) and do not affect the code. Comments are helpful for making notes in complex codes. Comments not only help you as a programmer who is writing those codes, but they also help others who may use your code in the future. Comments change to gray when written with the correct syntax.


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