How can we collaborate with you to create an Inspired by Thinkabit Lab experience at our school and, possibly, other schools in our district?

We’re excited about your interest to create a Thinkabit Lab experience for your students, and we have an Inspired by Qualcomm® Thinkabit Lab™ program to help you do just that. We would love to talk with you and learn more about your organization, interests and goals for your makerspace.

I’m interested in seeing Thinkabit Lab. Do you offer tours?

We host tours for:

• Educators, principals and school administrators who may want to experience Thinkabit Lab prior to scheduling class visits or who may be interested in creating an Inspired by Thinkabit Lab of their own

• Community leaders who are interested in launching STEM programs for local youth and adults

How much does a student/school/teacher have to pay to participate in the Thinkabit Lab experience?

There is no charge for the day-long Thinkabit Lab experience at Qualcomm. Qualcomm supplies everything visiting classes need to code, collaborate and create robo-crafts, from laptop computers and microcontrollers to Servo motors, stuffed animals, hot glue and lots and lots of glitter. We also provide a healthy lunch. All of our lunches are nut-free and we offer vegetarian options as well. For other dietary restrictions, we kindly ask that the student bring their own lunch.

What are Qualcomm’s goals for the Thinkabit Lab?

Our goal for Thinkabit Lab is to inspire the next generation of STEM innovators.  We want to demystify engineering and the possibilities of being an inventor; and to guide students through activities where they can unlock their unique talents and see the careers that are open to them . The Thinkabit Lab team defines success as students leaving our space every day feeling a new self-confidence that a STEM career may be in their future, and an understanding that STEM concepts are found in many careers.   

How can my child apply for Qcamp?

Each year, Qualcomm Thinkabit Lab works directly with one school district to collect applications from students for Qcamp. Once students have applied, the team uses a randomization process to select the students who will attend the camp. In addition to the Qcamps hosted at Qualcomm Thinkabit Lab, the team has been working to expand the Qcamp model to other sites.  To learn more about our 2017 camps, view our Press Note from July 2017.

What STEM programs for girls does Qualcomm support?

In addition to creating our unique summer camp program at the Thinkabit Lab, we are a lead partner in the Women Enhancing Technology (WeTech®) program and collaborate with them to work towards our shared goal of closing the gender gap in the tech industry. Through our various programs, we are able to inspire and expose girls (and boys) to STEM activities and address issues that may otherwise deter underrepresented students from pursuing STEM education and careers.


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