Try the Continuous Servo

  1. Warning: While the board is powered and the wires are connected in the Arduino board, do not to let the red and black wires touch. Students need to be especially careful if the exposed wires are bent and might touch when inserted in the end of the Servo.
  2. Disconnect the white, red, and black wires from the socket of the standard Servo.
  3. Insert the same white, red, and black wires into the matching sockets of the continuous Servo.
  4. Notice the Servo is rotating in one direction and then the other.  

STEM Connections

Connect the Black Wire to the Arduino board

  1. Insert the black wire into any GND pin on the Arduino board.

  2. Black wire = electricity (power) out.

STEM Connections

Just like an LED needs to be connected from the positive terminal to the negative terminal (or ground) of a power source to light up, a Servo also needs a complete circuit to operate. Plugging the black wire into one of the GND pins on the Arduino board will complete the circuit and provide power to the Servo.


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