What STEM programs for girls does Qualcomm support?  

In addition to creating our unique summer camp program at the Thinkabit Lab, we are a lead partner in the Women Enhancing Technology (WeTech®) program and collaborate with them to work towards our shared goal of closing the gender gap in the tech industry. Through our various programs, we are able to inspire and expose girls (and boys) to STEM activities and address issues that may otherwise deter underrepresented students from pursuing STEM education and careers. Unlike other programs, Thinkabit Lab exposes students to the complexity and breadth of the tech industry, teaching them how diverse companies invest their talent, creativity and resources into developing innovative solutions that improve people’s lives and help make the world a better place. We also show students how having STEM skills will enable them to take part in the next technological revolution: a 5G world in which everything — our cities, cars, homes, jobs and ourselves — are connected through an Internet of Things (IoT).

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