• Virginia Tech Form

    The Director of the Thinkabit Lab at Virginia Tech National Capital Region, Dr. Jim Egenrieder, welcomes visits from all interested Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia schools, Technology and Computer Science teachers, Librarians/Media Specialists and other teachers, makers, or community groups related to STEM education.

    Please complete the form below if you’re interested in scheduling a Thinkabit Lab class visit (typically 4 hours) or in an educator tour.

    Thinkabit Lab Availability

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8am – 8pm

    Monday, Friday and Saturday: By Appointment.

    Thinkabit Lab Location

    Thinkabit Lab at Virginia Tech

    Northern Virginia Center

    7054 Haycock Road

    Falls Church, VA 22043

    We hope to hear from you soon!

    As always, visits are determined based on availability, as well as responses to the below form. All fields must be completed for consideration.